CYT Registry Mark

International Yoga Academy (IYA) has some of the most stringent certification requirements in line with some of the professional boards to ensure the highest standards of learning yoga and the integrity of the certification process. All the courses are conducted with very experienced and qualified yoga teachers with years of knowledge and experience in yoga practice, teaching and research. 

IYA ensures its certified yoga graduates are given all the necessary support during the learning process as well as after the completion of the course. 

IYA and its accredited organisations work with various governmental and non-governmental organisations to bring yoga and its benefits to a wider segment of the community such as school children, financially disadvantaged, recovering patients, the elderly and other groups of people with special needs. 

IYA regularly updates the course syllabus with the latest research findings and studies conducted in this field to give the latest information to the participants of the various courses. One of its goals is to bridge the eastern and western philosophy.

To differentiate the skill level and to give recognition to all the graduates, the credential process of IYA ensures all parties concerned are aware of each teacher’s qualification and their knowledge in teaching yoga to involved groups. 

Please note the the description of the logo mark is for reference to the content covered in the training and teaching experienced gained through Andiappan Yoga Community’s Yoga projects. Yoga can be  practised as a complementary therapy to ease conditions and ailments but should not be considered as a replacement to other forms of treatments and therapies as prescribed by the health provider.

Certified Yoga Teacher (Foundation Level)

The graduate is fully trained to teach basic asanas and to introduce a new beginner to yoga. This qualification covers all the basic information from the history of yoga, its philosophy, the various types of yoga, basic anatomy of the human body, functions of theoby systems and organs from the yogic view.  Basic Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas , Yoga Nidra and concentration practices are some of the skills our basic level certification covers.

Certified Yoga Teacher (Intermediate Level)

The graduate is fully trained to teach  intermediate level asanas and the ability to motivate a regular yoga practitioner and to inspire them in their yoga journey.  The teacher is qualified to not only teach all the basic level topics but in addition, the teacher is skillful and fully trained to teach yogic practices to yoga practitioners with various backgrounds by giving modifications and variations as per the limitation of the yoga practitioner.  Intermediate level teachers are confident in hands on assistance and an ability to put together a sequence for any type of yoga class as per the students’ goals and needs.

Certified Yoga Teacher (Advanced Level)

The graduate is fully trained to teach an intensive level class and an ability to introduce yoga to a complete beginner to a very experienced practitioner. The Advanced Level teacher is fully capable of creating sequences spontaneously for various types of classes and would be very knowledgeable in hands-on assistance.  Advanced level teachers can conduct intensive workshops and postural clinics for students, offer a deep learning experience, knowledge and tools necessary to ensure the student stays inspired on their yoga journey.

Certified Yoga Therapist (Level 1)

The 200 hours Yoga Therapy level enables a yoga teacher to teach yoga for common conditions and an ability to tailor make simple yogic practices according to the limitations of each individual.  The trained yoga therapist is able to come up with a weekly yoga program that is designed to address the conditions and to improve their quality of life with various yogic practices and natural living lifestyle.

Certified Yoga Therapist (Level 2)

The 300 hours Intensive Yoga Therapy level enables a yoga teacher to teach yoga therapy and to address limitations of people with wider age groups as well as to offer Yoga Therapy as a supportive care to other forms of therapy.  The yoga therapist is trained to apply the simple yogic practices to improve the quality of life of the yoga practitioner.  They have an understanding of different challenges faced by the students and are able to come up with tailor made practices that suit the student’s physical and mental state in each class.

Certified Yoga Therapist (Level 3)

The 500 hours Intensive Yoga therapy level enables a yoga teacher to introduce yoga as a lifestyle and an effective practice for health care management to various individuals such as the elderly, pregnant women and recovering cancer patients. The teacher is trained to understand common conditions, their symptoms and be able to teach yoga poses to care and address various conditions that may arise due to lifestyle challenges.

Certified Meditation Teacher

The graduate is intensively trained with the topics related to the practice and teaching of  pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, mantra chanting, breathing kriyas and knowledgeable on how to teach concentration and meditation techniques for various groups of people.  The teacher is also experienced to impart the quality of concentration and mindfulness to any student from any background in a simple and effective manner.

Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

The graduate is trained to teach children of various age groups and able to put together class themes according to the students’ level of understanding.  He/She is able to teach a group of children mindfulness, yoga poses, breathing techniques and other concentration techniques in a yoga class set up as well as in a school setup.  The teacher is also able to understand the interest of children on various topics of yoga and to come up with creative ways of imparting the benefits of yoga to children of various age groups.

Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher

The graduate is trained with the knowledge and skills required to modify yogic practices for women during pregnancy.  He/she is able to plan effective weekly yoga programs for each trimester of pregnancy which includes poses, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation techniques.