About Us

The International Yoga Academy was founded by a team of professional yoga masters in 2003 to promote yoga beyond India and Asia. Its goal is the spread of yoga philosophy through experts and masters who have devoted their lives to the study of yoga.

Based in Hong Kong, the International Yoga Academy organizes numerous state-level, national-level, and international yoga events across the Asia Pacific. These include workshops, teacher trainings, awareness camps, retreats, competitions, and conferences in places such as India, , Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.

The International Yoga Academy is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance, USA, Anahta Yoga, Hong Kong, Indian Yoga Federation (New Delhi, India), a national organization recognized by the Indian Olympic Association; the Manonmanian Sundaranar University; and Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, in running accredited Teacher training courses in India and abroad.

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